Philosophy & Responsibility

After we recognized the need for quality systems and business efficiency in the Middle East, we found ways to address business challenges and established effective systems that boost productivity and increase revenues. Our vision helped us navigate through the economic transition in the Middle East and positioned us as a leader in our industry. Our commitment to the region is reflected in our corporate social responsibility policy.

Business Ethics

  • We strive to achieve the highest quality and excellence in our products, services and relations with our customers.
  • We maintain and uphold the highest standards in all aspects of our work.
  • We are developing our company through honest and morally acceptable means. We do not use twisted methods that harm the highest quality standards.
  • We adhere to local laws in every country we operate in. We take pride in and respect the cultures, customs and practices of our consumers from any country around the world. We contribute in environmental matters and community services by improving and enriching community life.
  • We avoid conflict of interest and even the idea of conflict itself.
  • We set high expectations for ourselves, in order to take our company to the next level.
  • We will never compromise on or violate our quality standards.
  • We take responsibility for our words and actions.
  • We are fair in our dealings with our employees, business partners, clients, and suppliers; we are committed to abiding by all applicable laws, regulations and policies, and maintaining high level of ethical conduct
  • We take responsibility for our employees and communities affected by our business.
  • We are proud of being entrusted by our customers, partners, and employees of our company—ESAT and we will never risk losing their confidence.
  • We are always open to receiving feedback from our customers, partners and employees.

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Enterprise Systems Analysis Technology

  PO Box 54558,
    M24, Mussafah Industrial Area,
    Abu Dhabi,
    United Arab Emirates

  +971 2 553 8777

  +971 2 553 8773


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