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ESAT is committed to delivering quality solutions to meet the ever-changing technology demands.

We offer a broad range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Finance Management, Asset Management, Human Resource Management (HRM), Payroll Management, Logistics Management, Real Estate Management and other software solutions.

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You don't have to wonder if it's worth going through the process of revolutionizing a software solution. We'll provide reasons to make you believe that MANAGEMENT DO NEED SOFTWARE!

What is an ERP System?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that enables any organizations environment to improve their performance by using a system of integrated applications. ERP aims to unify the various functions into one complete system which then enables processes and information to be streamlined across the entire organization.

The business software tools are designed to simplify the flow of information and data between all departments within an organization, including departments such as those of Finance, Distribution, Accounting, Inventory Management, Sales, Customer Relationship, Marketing, Planning, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and other operating units.

ERP software has the ability to process information coming from different parts of the organization, and any type of transaction, within a single, integrated solution which can track in real-time business operations and provide timely and accurate information.

ERP software will enable your business to monitor its operations in real-time and provide you with the information you require anytime you need it. These factors make the ERP software an essential business tool in the competitive world we live in.

Importance of ERP Solutions


ERP Software allows your company to become highly flexible with improved workflow, financial reporting and overall operations. In real-time wherever you are access by any devices.


This software consolidates all departments and functions across a company into a single (online/offline) computer-mediated system that is able to serve different departments’ needs. Since ERP system integrates all business management functions into one unit, it decreases inconsistencies that may arise from different systems. This software gathers information correctly and, in doing so, facilitates accurate decision-making.

ERP software will lower your company’s operational / IT cost and you can use the money you saved in other investments.


Enable to manage.

Advantages / Needs of ERP Solutions

The biggest advantage of ERP software is its real-time capabilities and ability it offers that enables you to see what is going on in your entire company. The ERP software will help your organization enhance tracking and forecasting, and increase its productivity. It helps the company manufacture products faster, increase order capacity and increase on-time delivery, thus improving customer service and satisfaction. By using this software, your company will standardize business processes, thus reducing overhead costs.

ERP software eliminates redundant data entry processes and other practices, and makes it easier to transmit and collect data because all information is located in one central database. It also improves data security and provides real-time information any time, to support upper-level management decision-making.

In the fast changing world of business, an ERP software is no longer just a key to business success—it is a core element of survival.


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