1. 2011

    ESAT journey begins

    ESAT was established with the vision to work together as a team and develop a standard ERP package to make our own contribution to the society and help others organize and execute their business tasks more efficiently and accurately.

  2. 2012


    ESAT team implemented the first Windows-based ERP using Visual Basic/SQL, with operation modules such as Facility and Construction Management, which integrate with main security software.

  3. 2013

    New update

    Moving towards latest web technologies, ESAT developed a web-based ERP with Microsoft technologies (ASP.net/C#) and high availability Oracle 12C Database. Our web-based ERP contains all major modules that offer advanced options.

  4. 2014

    Wi-Fi Project

    ESAT got involved in the business of installing and providing wireless network/ internet connection services (“Wireless Internet Services”) and carries out two (2) of the largest contracts in the UAE relying on the most up-to-date technology. Happily joint venture & Collaborate with international parties.

  5. 2015

    System enhancement

    The information technology industry was changing, and new demands were being placed on software developers. Therefore, we adapted ASP.Net, MVC 4 C# with AngularJS framework to further enhance our systems’ performance.

  6. 2016

    ESAT release New version.

    ESAT successfully implemented its new self-developed software version called Business System Application software-Enterprise Edition

  7. 2017

    ISO certification

    ESAT received its ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems for the scope of "Developing, Implementing and Maintaining ERP Software products within Middle East".

  8. 2018

    VAT system implementation

    VAT System was added-on ESAT-ERP Software in accordance with Federal Law No. 7 and 8, effective as of January 1, 2018.

  9. 2019

    System enhancement

    ESAT recognizes the technology's need for constant upgrades & we, thereby, adapted Angular 8 with ASP.Net Core, MVC 5 and added personalized web and mobile user experience for on-the-go access, giving ESAT technological competitive advantage.

  10. 2020

    Sheikh khalifa Excellance Award

    The Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) Office at Abu Dhabi Chamber confer Quality Appreciation Certificate, 18th Cycle 2019-2020 to Enterprise Systems Analysis Technology (ESAT) in appreciation of its distinguished achievements and persistent effort and commitment to Quality and Excellence in its business.

  11. 2021

    Continuing the legacy

    ESAT is continuously growing and the team is expanding.to adhere to our commitment in maintaining our lead amidst the ever- changing landscape of technology, we, thereby, providing constant enhancement through ASP.Net technology & Angular 9. We hope that you will join us in writing the next chapters of ESAT history.

  12. 2022

    ESAT Cloud ERP

    ESAT SaaS ERP is a cloud-based ERP software that offered in a subscription model, they help ease financial obstacles that often get in the way of deploying traditional on-premises ERP. ESAT ERP also provides significant speed and agility benefits and ensured that you have the right data at your fingertips to make the best decisions for your company.

  13. 2023

    Innovate with AI

    In 2023, we leveraged state-of-the-art technology and embraced AI to enhance our system, delivering advanced and innovative solutions to our clients while our unwavering dedication to technological excellence endures.

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Enterprise Systems Analysis Technology

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    Abu Dhabi,
    United Arab Emirates

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