ESAT-ERP Solutions

ESAT-ERP has developed optimal solutions tailored to your business’ needs regardless of its type, size, and the industry you operate in. It is a best-in-class solution offered at a reasonable price for your growing business that delivers the power to help you boost productivity, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges like never before.

ESAT Business ERP is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. It is designed to offer a suite of simplified, user-friendly applications for large, medium and small-sized enterprises from all industries.

Get ready to manage all your finances and operations in an integrated manner

ESAT offers a wide range of functions to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.

Integrated management across purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, customer service, accounting and finance.

One single solution for powerful workflow automation that helps accelerate business processes and better control performance across all business areas.

Built-in analytics tool for deeper insight into operations, which will enable you to accelerate reporting processes, communications and decision-making.

ESAT's captivating and user-friendly interface that redefines engagement and interactivity.

Choose from two exceptional package options with ESAT:
Comprehensive Package: Unlock the full potential of our ERP solution with access to all available options under each module.
Limited Package: Streamline your operations efficiently with the essential and compulsory options under each module.

ESAT's versatile ERP Modules cater to diverse industries and businesses of all sizes

Experience ESAT's unparalleled commitment to customer service and utmost client satisfaction

Experience effortless platform integration with ESAT ERP, enabling smooth compatibility and maximizing efficiency across your business ecosystem.

Get ready to grow a global business

ESAT eliminates the complexity that comes with managing an international business. It simplifies the management of international trade—suppliers, contractors, partners and customers (multi-language and multi-currency)—enabling the management of a global business from one shared software (global compliance, multi-legislation, multi-ledger).







In different

  •   Flexibility /configurability
  •   Customize & Framework
  •   Web-based Solutions Any Platform
  •   On-premises & Cloud Deployment
  •   Multi Company / Multi Business Unit
  •   Integration-ready Api Kits & Admin Control
  •   0% Risk To Succeed
  •   Well Define Company Strategy & Workflow
  •   Customizable
  •   Interactive Dashboards & Reports
  •   Perfect Graphical User Interface
  •   Reasonable Price & Payments
  •   Specification
  •   Packaging
  •   Speed Of Deployment
  •   Performance & Credibility
  •   Seamless integration capability with 3rd-party software & systems
  •   Multi-Language & multi Currency Support
  •   Suitable for both Large Organizations & SMEs
  •   ISO Certification
  •   Scalable Modular Architecture
  •   Login-based Secured Access
  •   3 Tier System Architecture
  •   Mobile Application Availability
  •   Scalable Versions-standard, Business
  •   Professional & Enterprise Team
  •   Ready & Essay To Use UI
  •   Minimal Training
  •   Simplified Modern & Initiative UI
  •   Features & Benefits
  •   Trademark
  •   Quality
  •   Security ( Place & Time ) and Scalability
  •   Safety (Warranty & Integrity)
  •   Customer Support & Maintenance Availability
  •   On-time Deliver & Implementation
  •   Easy Integration Architecture
  •   In-House Development Team
  •   Module Depth(Offers depth in various modules)

Cloud ERP(SaaS)

ESAT SaaS ERP is a cloud-based ERP software that offered in a subscription model, they help ease financial obstacles that often get in the way of deploying traditional on-premises ERP. ESAT Cloud ERP also provides significant speed and agility benefits and ensured that you have the right data at your fingertips to make the best decisions for your company.

In-Memory Data Base

Esat ERP Architecture includes an advanced data management system that supports both on-disk and in-memory data storage features. The in-memory part enables sorting, storing and retrieving data from memory to make the processes substantially quicker, whereas hard disks provide the most cost-effective storage variant for a huge volume of data. Together, this provides a unified platform to store enormous capabilities of high-performance data, while being flexible, robust, persistent in nature.

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