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ESAT-ERP has developed optimal solutions tailored to your business’ needs regardless of its type, size, and the industry you operate in. It is a best-in-class solution offered at a reasonable price for your growing business that delivers the power to help you boost productivity, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, seize opportunities and anticipate challenges like never before.

ESAT Business ERP is powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. It is designed to offer a suite of simplified, user-friendly applications for large, medium and small-sized enterprises from all industries.

Get ready to manage all your finances and operations in an integrated manner

ESAT offers a wide range of functions to support all your core business processes with minimal IT investment and resources.

Integrated management across purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, customer service, accounting and finance.

One single solution for powerful workflow automation that helps accelerate business processes and better control performance across all business areas.

Built-in analytics tool for deeper insight into operations, which will enable you to accelerate reporting processes, communications and decision-making.

Get ready to grow a global business

ESAT eliminates the complexity that comes with managing an international business. It simplifies the management of international trade—suppliers, contractors, partners and customers (multi-language and multi-currency)—enabling the management of a global business from one shared software (global compliance, multi-legislation, multi-ledger).

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Here’s what you get

Get everything you need to manage your business.

Other Modules

Additional Features

  • Business intelligence
  • Document expiry notification
  • To-do lists
  • Task manager
  • Approval monitoring
  • System audit trail and access control
  • Country specific functionalities
  • Multi-dimensional analytics
  • Employee self-service system
  • Mobile computing
  • Drill down, drill around
  • User-defined excel reporting templates
  • Documents attachment facility
  • Creating one common platform to provides seamless collaboration
  • Transaction search engine
  • Calendar (appointment scheduling and alarm)
  • Barcoding, RFID and GPS
  • Tracking reports with graphs
  • User-defined features
  • Financial and operational reports
  • Data exporting/importing
  • Internet communication (chat facility)

Additional Benefits

  • Provides you with a structured, easy-to-use methodology and guidance that will help you improve your business processes and take lean initiatives.
  • Provides you with detailed guidance and structure for your process improvement initiatives
  • Allows analysts to capture process improvement metrics and metadata such as cost and waste indicators, among others
  • Increases the visibility of IT portfolio information within your organization and promotes a "single source of truth"
  • Consolidates and centralizes IT portfolio information within a single repository, thus increasing accuracy and consistency across your organization
  • Accurately assess your business value and cost of each application and supporting technology used in your business
  • Assists you in better managing business risks associated with technology portfolios and understand application compliance
  • Helps you make informed decisions about the transformation and lifecycle of your application and technology landscapes
  • Helps you ensure that processes are documented, thus providing a standardized language across your organization that satisfies stakeholders and business owners
  • Provides step-by-step modelling guidance for ESAT, aiding new users of the notation and prompting those with more experience to increase the consistency and accuracy of diagrams

Additional Benefits

  • Allows you to link processes to applications, risks, process points and KPIs, among others
  • Allows you to develop Enterprise Architecture in line with the Architecture Framework
  • Provides the option to customize the ESAT repository to suit your organizational requirements
  • Enables you to leverage your current investment in Microsoft technologies to reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Helps you improve efficiency of your IT operations
  • Supports you in establishing process-agnostic best practices into your architecture and business process repository
  • Leverages the value of your existing framework
  • Allows you to communicate through dashboards, and report to a wider stakeholder group with no prior ERP knowledge required. Cross device and platform support
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  • Go where your business takes you   (Read More)
  • Take back control over your processes   (Read More)
  • Get the insight you need, when you need it   (Read More)
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  • Gain agility and focus on your business   (Read More)

Personalized web and mobile user experience

    ESAT Mobile Management System enables service technicians, managers and other users to have on-the-go access to ESAT-ERP via devices such as Windows Phone, Apple IPhone, Apple IPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Blackberry, etc.

    ESAT introduces a better and more personal user experience with secure web and mobile technology at its core. Whether in the office or on the go, users can access the data they need, using an intuitive interface personalized to match their roles and preferences.

    Key features

  • Mobile and web deployment enables access to common enterprise data from anywhere and on any device
  • HTML5 interface ensures intuitive browser experience and allows for extensive personalization by users
  • Asset tracking
  • Work order processing
  • Inspection and audits
  • Helpdesk calls recording and processing
  • Record meter readings
  • Facility reservation
  • Visitor pre-registration
  • The ability to dispatch service calls and work orders with complete information—for instance, about an asset, the location of such asset, the issue and details of the work to be carried out, the tools required, the spares to be used, etc.,—directly to technicians’ mobile devices, significantly enhances the efficiency, quality of work and the speed at which the service is offered to end users.

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