IT Hardware
and Networking

Our multi-product platform and service offerings lead to less deployment time and eliminate the complexities that result from having multiple vendors.

ESAT is your one-stop shop for hardware. Our service and multi-product offerings remove the weight of dealing with multiple vendors from your shoulders, and save you precious time when deploying your new products or services.

With ESAT as your hardware solutions provider, you will get an expert, yet user-friendly IT package that will help you thrive in a saturated market. This is important for your business particularly when considering that your company grows in a business environment where your competition could easily get ahead of you if you don’t plan your expansion carefully. We also help you to have more time to dedicate to your expansion, by taking away the time-consuming, manual tasks.

ESAT pays extreme attention to valuable partnerships. Our experienced executives are able to make on-the-spot decisions, thus saving your valuable time, which is essential in today’s fast-paced economy.

ESAT priorities are as follows:

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Service Quality
  • Value Addition
  • Employee Satisfaction

IT Support and Hardware Maintenance

We at ESAT have supervised various projects for clients, including building and setting up hardware solutions, networks, communication solutions, etc. We have an extensive support system in place for storages, servers, network systems, UTMs, computers, laptops, scanners, printers, security appliances and other peripherals.

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available for both large and small size organizations, and we deliver 90% uptime which translates into 100% satisfaction for clients. We keep all of the equipment well maintained, regardless of whether the equipment is supplied by us or a third party.

Product and Solutions

  • Servers, Storage and Backup Solutions

  • Printing Solutions

  • Software Solutions

  • IT Networking and Wireless Solutions

  • Telecommunication System

  • Security and Firewall Appliances

  • Data Center Solutions

Our System Partners

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