The ultimate security for an enterprise.
We use targeted approach to find & eliminate all the security threats.

ESAT approach is focused on eliminating and anticipating all potential security threats facing an organization or business.

We are known for our efficient security assessments on high-end mobile applications, as well as for working closely with developers to fix any issues identified. Our dedicated team has considerable experience in mobile security. We recognize that security is vital for your business, so our aim is to help you make sure that your mobile application assets are secure.

Services we offer:

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing:

When conducting Penetration Testing, ESAT team checks every possible vulnerability in your current security measures. This applies to your organizational assets such as: network devices, mobile apps, web applications, etc.

We at ESAT offer you the most efficient Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service, where we analyze the security of the entire network, web, and mobile applications in a given enterprise. We use the attacker centric approach for our Enterprise VAPT. By attempting to break into your business’ security system, we explore all possible techniques that might be used by an attacker.

With Enterprise VAPT, ESAT ensures that all of the business/organizational assets are safe from any security threat. Our advice for you would be to run a VAPT every few months because the code base changes regularly—and so do the targets and techniques used to break into such security systems. In addition, a VAPT will ensure that your business is compliant with standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Some of the things that we look for when performing mobile application security audits include the following:

  • Insecure Cryptography-based security vulnerabilities
  • Injection-based vulnerabilities
  • Insecure Android IPC vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive information disclosure
  • Network-based vulnerabilities
  • Web API level security issues
  • Session-handling security issues
  • Authorization and authentication vulnerabilities
  • Decisions via untrusted inputs
  • Web view-based vulnerabilities
  • Insecure data storage
  • Business logic vulnerabilities
  • Runtime manipulation attacks
  • Third-party component vulnerability

Security training scope offered and details

Training title: Advanced Android and iOS hands-on exploitation

This comprehensive training will teach you the various Android as well as iOS exploits, and how to bypass most of the latest security models in both platforms. Topics covered will include application auditing, automated static and dynamic analysis, malware analysis, OWASP Mobile Top 10, Dex Exploitation and much more.

ARM Platform Exploitation, which runs on the majority of smartphones these days, will also be covered. Exploitation techniques that will be discussed for ARM include gadget chaining, ROP and bypassing protection measures, and stack-based buffer overflows.

As far as iOS is concerned, we will train you on creating a pen test environment, performing an application security audit and sandbox security modelling, inspecting binaries, signing codes, dealing with use-after-free processes and other things.

We will also discuss iOS jailbreaking and Android rooting exploits, and make up potential scenarios from scratch. Each trainee will be given access to a customized exploitation lab that will be loaded and preconfigured with the required scripts and tools covered in the training.

Types of Security Assessments


Customized and thorough Enterprise: The ultimate security assessment for an enterprise, which includes understanding your business IT infrastructure and using targeted approach to find and eliminate all the security threats.

Web and Network VAPT

Includes vulnerability assessment of all websites and network using a generalized approach.

Basic Web VAPT

Includes basic levels of security checks on the website.

We work with our developers to fix the security issues

1. Starting

Understanding the enterprise and its infrastructure.

2. Preparing

Setting up the Penetration Testing lab for the target infrastructure.

3. Gathering information

Gathering information about the technology used and possible weaknesses.

4. Assessing vulnerabilities

Performing a thorough, manual and in-depth assessment of all enterprise components.

5. Performing a Penetration Test

Exploiting vulnerabilities in safety systems and understanding the potential level of data breach.

6. Reporting

Detailed reporting on all the findings and the mitigation procedure to be followed.


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