Surveillance Security

ESAT recognizes the importance of security as an essential tool to protect people, property and data. We can help you bring security into your facilities.

Whether it is a home, a small store or a business infrastructure worth millions of dollars, efficient security measures are necessary to achieve a safe and viable presence. In this regard, Security and Control play highly important role because they affect employees, premises and assets. Security is a top priority for every sector—whether it’s government, military/defense, oil and gas, education, production and warehousing, corporate entities, royal palaces, residential apartments, hospitality complexes, malls/public spaces or retail. With ESAT’s integrated security approach, we deliver optimal solutions and far better results than conventional security systems specifically tailored to each business sector.

ESAT has developed common solutions as part of an Integrated Security Solution. As a consultant, ESAT also prepares detailed recommendations for our clients regarding best practice that need to be followed when anticipating and supporting key decisions and actions when deploying their security systems.

In other words, we can help you build a system for your business that will provide an environment where people, property, and data will be safe and secure.

Product and Solutions

  • IP and Analogue CCTV System

  • Video Management Software Solutions

  • CCTV Storage Solutions

  • Access Control System

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Time Attendance System

  • Temperature Monitoring System

  • RF Shop Anti-theft System

  • Room Alert System

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